One-day hiking tours in the Skopje area

Vodno-Matka, only Vodno or only Matka, the monasteries with a combination of kayaking to Vrelo

The mountain tour Vodno- Matka is an easy mountain tour suitable for people of all ages and for people with no hiking experience (difficulty 2/5). The time of the tour is around 4 hours and the length of the trail is around 13km. The start of the tour is the Police Station Vodno, then the trail leads up to Middle Vodno, next depending on the clients’ fitness a trail is chosen out of the several trails that lead to the top of Vodno (Millennium Cross). There are short breaks along the way, and a longer break at the top of Vodno. There are several alternatives for climbing Vodno; it is possible to go to Middle Vodno by car and continue on foot along the trails to the top, or use the ropeway to the top. This can be arranged on site with the clients. From the top we continue towards Matka from where there are 3 hours until the end of the tour. At the end of the tour we visit the monastery St. Nikola Shishevski where clients have the opportunity to learn about the history of this monastery. After descending from the monastery St. Nikola Shishevski, the clients can visit the church St. Andreja and the Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God. As additional activities clients can choose a kayaking tour through the Canyon or a visit of the cave Vrelo. We have lunch at Matka and we return to Skopje by organized transport.