Cultural and historic bike tour around Skopje

This tour includes all the major cultural and historic monuments in Skopje from BC to AD. Visit of old bridges, churches, mosques, the fortress, archaeological sites and modern sites. A tour through the Old Bazaar and tasting traditional Macedonian food and Macedonian wine or beer.

This tour is about 3:00 hours long

Bike tour to Canyon Matka

The most visited place by tourists in Skopje. An easy tour which begins along the quay of the river Vardar and then along a local road that goes past several villages. Because of the large number of churches and monasteries Matka also dubbed Macedonian Mount Athos. Most of the churches dating back to the middle ages still exist today and most of them have been fully preserved while some are in ruins or only their basis are left. Lunch in Matka and we follow the rivers Treska and Vardar on our way back to Skopje.

With prior notice this tour can be combined with kayaking, hiking or rock-climbing.

This tour is about 5 hours long and the length of the trail is 40km.

Bike tour to the Millennium Cross on Vodno

Are you looking for an active stay in Skopje? Let’s explore the beautiful tiny mountain over Skopje which is a forest park. Urbanized at places, yet still wild at others.  The Millennium Cross is situated on the mountain peak Krstovar on Vodno mountain, just above the city of Skopje. This monument was built in 2002 and at 66m height it is one of the tallest constructions in Macedonia. It represents two thousand years of Christianity in Macedonia and the coming of the new millennium. On our way back we visit the monastery of St. Pantelejmon and we enjoy lunch in the ethno-village.

This tour is about 4 hours long and the length of the trail is 25km.



Individual tour
90 euro
per person



Group of 2 or 3
55 euro
per person



Group of 4+
40 euro
per person



The guided tour includes


Standard bike rental + helmet
1 bottle of water
2 Energy bars