We offer to travel to the one of the most beautiful highland region in Macedonia.
Whit this tour Outdoor  Adventure Macedonia would like to offer something cool,
also to those visitors who would like an active tour but don’t want to cycle or to hike too much.
In fact this tour allows our clients to have a nice workout if they want to walk all the sections of the tour.
But also makes possible to skip some sections and enjoy the locations in a relaxed way, while the others in the group walk around.
This way everybody in the group can have nice time.
If travailing is your hobby, and you are planning a road trip to the high mountain areas of Macedonia.
If you want to feel the adrenaline of the off road driving than HYUNDAI STAREX is the right choice.
Our professional drivers will take care of your comfort and safety while you can enjoy the thrill of an amazing journey.
For long rides, adventure tours, and comfortable airport transfers we present you a 7 seats of minivan SUV.